The Four Types of Dental Bridges


The Four Types of Dental Bridges

Dentists recommend dental bridges in Yellowknife to replace missing teeth throughout your jaw. The right dental bridge can replace the appearance of missing teeth and restore the function you lost when you lost those teeth — the ability to smile, speak, laugh, bite and chew naturally. There are four types of dental bridges near you….


Do Dental Checkups Really Matter?

It’s amazing that any of us remember even half of the things that we’re supposed to remember. Adulting is hard! Birthdays, anniversaries and oil changes. Swap out the furnace filter. File your taxes… so many things. It would be easy — among all of those recurring tasks — to forget or defer your dental checkups…

what you need to know about undergoing and recovering from tooth extractions

What You Need to Know About Undergoing and Recovering From Tooth Extractions

Tooth extractions are a common and routine dental procedure. Dental extractions in Yellowknife are performed for several reasons, including severe tooth infections, severe periodontitis (gum disease), injury or trauma, overcrowded teeth, impacted wisdom teeth, or to accommodate dental implants. Simple extractions An uncomplicated extraction is usually performed with dental implants called an elevator and forceps….