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About Our Practice

Somba Ké Family Dental

Somba Ké Family Dental clinic has served Yellowknife and surrounding communities since 2003. We hold a reputation based on quality and trust and have developed into a practice that provides superior dentistry using the latest technology and techniques. Our dental office prides itself on the quality of care we deliver. Our experienced clinicians and highly qualified staff deliver the latest techniques using the best materials available to provide a wide range of dental care; from routine treatments through to the most advanced in cosmetic dentistry.

Our clinic has recently changed location in our building in order to expand to meet our community’s needs. This extensive renovation and rejuvenation of our office has enabled us to develop into a modern facility using sate of the art equipment to deliver advanced dental care. Our expanded, on-site, full service dental laboratory is equipped with premium quality materials that allow us to eliminate the waiting period for dental prosthetics. All dentures, crown and bridge, partial dentures, and night guards are produced at a high standard and in a timely fashion right here in our office!

We are pleased to offer you and loved ones complete family dental care you can trust!

What Makes Us Different?

Somba Ké Family Dental clinic offers dedicated dental care in a relaxed environment. Our mission is to understand your needs, make you feel at ease, and build your trust. We empathize with anxieties that often can be associated with a dental office, and we strive to gain your confidence. We take the time to listen, explain and answer any concerns or expectations in order to build a long lasting relationship that allows you to achieve a lifetime of good oral health. We ensure all of your questions are answered, and you are 100% content before moving forward with any invasive dental treatment.

Our state of the art digital 3D x-ray technology provides our clinicians comprehensive views of your mouth and skull, aiding our treatment to identify precise diagnosis. The 3D x-ray provides 90% less radiation than traditionally used x-ray systems, and produces immediate results for diagnosis. You are always informed of all procedures and recommendations in an individualized format that is specific to your personal dental health needs. At our office, there are no surprises and no hidden fees.

Somba Ké Family Dental is also the only dental office in the North that houses a fully functioning on site dental/denture laboratory. Our high tech dental lab features the latest products and technologies available to produce consistent and high quality dental prosthetics. Our highly skilled dental lab technicians can produce a full set of dentures, crown and bridge, and chrome partial dentures in 24 hours. Precision is key, so any repairs or required adjustments can be made at any time; walk-ins are always welcome. We take pride in our products and satisfaction is guaranteed.