Composite Fillings Near You

Often, patients don’t think they need a filling if their tooth isn’t causing pain. However, by the time your tooth actually hurts, the problem has become more expensive and difficult to treat. Dentists recommend frequent check-ups to detect issues early on.A cavity begins when there is microscopic damage to the surface of the tooth by acid-secreting bacteria—the bacteria continues to proceed deeper and deeper into the tooth dissolving the tooth away from the inside out. Fillings come in a wide variety of materials and your dentist will discuss and recommend the best option.

composite fillings in Yellowknife

At our dental clinic, we offer composite fillings in Yellowknife. Composite fillings are a mixture of tooth-coloured plastic and glass used to restore decayed teeth. This durable filling material requires less removal of tooth structure which may result in a smaller filling than that of an amalgam. The main advantage of composite fillings near you is appearance. Many patients prefer this option because of aesthetic reasons, avoidance of metallic restorations and concerns about mercury. Composite fillings in Yellowknife, blend with the surrounding tooth structure for a natural appearance.

The Procedure for a Composite Filling

The procedure for placing a composite filling is comprised of the following steps:

1. Your dentist isolates your tooth.

2. The infected portion of the tooth is eliminated via drill or air abrasion.

3. Layer by layer the composite resin is placed over the opening.

4. To harden the layers of the composite resin material, a special light is used.

5. After your tooth is filled, your dentist will shape the composite filling near you to mimic a natural tooth.

We offer composite fillings in Yellowknife, NWT X1A 2P9. Schedule your appointment today.