Dental Bridges Near You

When you are missing teeth, a dental bridge can help you preserve the natural shape of your face. When you lose teeth and do not replace them, your appearance is directly affected. Your lips will begin to appear thinner, flatter and your chin will protrude forward, appearing pointed.

However, the negative effects don’t just stop there. An absent tooth is a serious matter. Your teeth are designed to work together, which means if you lose one, the adjacent teeth may begin to tilt or drift into the empty space. Additionally, your teeth in the opposite jaw may also begin to shift up or down into the space. This can affect your bite, place more stress on your teeth and jaw joint, and potentially cause pain and damage. Once the teeth have tipped or drifted, they are also much harder to clean, which heightens your risk of tooth decay along with gum disease.

Dental bridges in Yellowknife, have been an integral part of modern dentistry for decades. A dental bridge is comprised of two or several custom-made for the abutment teeth on the sides of the gap and an artificial tooth/teeth in between called pontics.

The Procedure for Dental Bridges

Obtaining a fixed dental bridge near you typically will require more than one office visit. During your first visit, your dentist will prepare your abutment teeth. Your dentist will then take an impression or an image of your teeth as well as the space, which they will send to a dental laboratory that will fabricate the bridge. A temporary bridge will be provided by your dentist to protect your teeth until your permanent bridge is ready. Once the permanent bridge has been designed, your dentist will make adjustments and assess the fit before cementing it to your prepared teeth.

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