Dental Technology Near You

Dental technology is essential for oral health. Both patients and dentists benefit from the advances in dental technology. Firstly, dental technology offers patients more treatment options. Additionally, the procedures are less painful and can be performed in a timely manner. Below is different dental technology in Yellowknife used at our office.

dental technology in Yellowknife

The CEREC Milling and Grinding Units

The CEREC Software is optimally synchronized with the CEREC milling and grinding unit to fabricate precise designs. The main benefits of this dental technology near you is, fast and precise fabrication of various materials and the possibility to produce patient-individual surgical guides and abutments/screw-retained crowns.
dental technology near you

CBCT 3D X-Rays

CBCT X-rays reduce the radiation exposure dramatically. There are numerous benefits to this dental technology in Yellowknife. Some of these include, allowing your dentist to provide accurate measurements, including the shape and dimension of your jaw and to detect lesions that may indicate a serious disease.

3d scan dental technology in Yellowknife

3D iTero Scan

This dental technology near you uses advanced intra-oral scanners to capture thousands of pictures inside the patient’s mouth and assemble them into an exceptionally accurate 3D model of the mouth, teeth and gums. The 3D iTero Scanner allows your dentist to fully assess and inspect all aspects of your condition, to accurately design a customized treatment plan.

digital radiography in Yellowknife

Digital Radiography

The benefits of digital radiography are enormous. This form of radiography is filmless, allowing for immediate acquisition, deletion, editing and transfer of films to a computer system that generates the image virtually at once. The key advantage of digital radiography, is extremely high-quality imaging. Additionally, remote viewing is possible and the images can be digitally stored for patients to take elsewhere if they desire to.

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