night guards in Yellowknife

Night Guards Near You

A number of our patients come into our office with a very common complaint of jaw pain and sometimes, headaches. Without realizing it, some of us tend to grind and/or clench our teeth at night during sleep. Clenching or grinding your teeth can place a significant amount of pressure on your teeth and jaw which can result in tooth damage and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders.

Symptoms of grinding or clenching your teeth at night include, waking up in the morning with headaches and/or a sore jaw. Wearing a night guard in Yellowknife when you sleep can help prevent damage to your teeth from the effects of grinding. Your dentist will create a mouth guard using impressions of your teeth. A custom-made mouth guard near you is the most effective and durable option available.

mouth guards in Yellowknife

Sports Guards Near You

If you or a family member plays contact sports, we recommend wearing a sports guard in Yellowknife to decrease the risk of mouth-related injuries. In contact sports, accidents can occur, and a mouth guard near you will help you avoid injuring your teeth or causing irreversible damage. We can make your sports guards and night guards right here in our office! Your clinician will take an impression of your bite and a sports guard is moulded specifically to your individual bite, ensuring a comfortable and perfect fit.

Be proactive! Do not wait until you have a broken tooth to start thinking about getting a sports guard in Yellowknife, NWT X1A 2P9. Save your teeth and protect your smile today.