Traditional Braces Near You

Traditional braces near you are an orthodontic treatment method used to straighten teeth. Braces can address crooked and crowded teeth, a misaligned bite and jaw problems. This treatment method can resolve issues you may experience with your self-confidence or when eating, speaking and smiling. It is the most effective straightening method available and due to technological advancements in dentistry, traditional braces near you are now more aesthetically pleasing and comfortable than ever before.

traditional braces in Yellowknife

Traditional Braces Benefits

Traditional braces in Yellowknife, are composed of: bands, brackets and an archwire. The brackets, are bonded to your teeth and connected by a wire. You will be required to visit your dentist regularly for checkups and tightening. This places pressure on your teeth, which helps them to shift gradually into their ideal positions.

Unlike Invisalign, traditional braces near you cannot be removed as they are glued to your teeth. While this may seem less convenient than removable teeth straightening systems, traditional braces are the most effective at straightening teeth and addressing a wide range of orthodontic issues. Additionally, traditional braces in Yellowknife, are extremely cost-effective in comparison to other teeth-straightening methods.

Taking Care of Your Braces

Patients acquiring traditional braces will need to commit to practicing a thorough oral hygiene routine. This will include careful brushing and flossing. You will need to be cautious when eating and should avoid hard and sticky foods as they can damage your appliance. Your dentist will provide you with all care instructions, along with do’s and don’ts. At the end of your treatment, your dentist will remove your braces and provide you with a retainer to preserve the new alignment of your teeth.

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