3 Reasons Why Dental Bridges Are Your Ideal Tooth Replacement Treatment?

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3 reasons why dental bridges are your ideal tooth replacement treatment

Are you missing a tooth and need something to fill the gap? Dental bridges could be your solution. 

Dental bridges are popular because they help fix your smile and make it easier to eat. 

When you’re missing a tooth, dental bridges can be a solution, but there are some things to keep in mind. 

There are different types of dental bridges, including Maryland bonded bridges, cantilever bridges, and conventional bridges.

Traditional bridges 

involve using crowns on the teeth next to the gap, with a fake tooth in between. 

Cantilever bridges 

are used when there’s only one tooth next to the gap.

Maryland bonded bridges 

are made from various materials and have a supporting frame. 

But sometimes, getting a dental bridge means the dentist has to prepare the nearby teeth, which can be a drawback of dental bridges

It’s essential to discuss this with your dentist to find out which type of bridge suits you best, considering all the factors involved. 

Here are three reasons why dental bridges are a good choice:

It helps you eat and Talk

Dental bridges fill in the space left by a missing tooth, making it easier to chew food and talk without any problems. They act like a bridge between your other teeth, so you can do everyday things without any trouble.

Traditional bridges have crowns on the teeth or implants next to the gap, with a fake tooth in the middle. Cantilever bridges are used when there’s only one tooth next to the gap. Maryland bonded bridges are made of different materials, like porcelain and metal, and they’re supported by a metal or porcelain frame.

Keeps Your Mouth Healthy

When you lose a tooth, the nearby teeth might move around and cause issues with your jaw. Dental bridges stop this from happening by keeping your teeth in the right places. This helps you keep your natural face shape and avoid problems with your jaw.

But there’s one thing you should know about dental bridges: sometimes, your dentist has to shave off a bit of the nearby teeth to put the bridge in place. It’s necessary for the bridge to work.

Makes Your Smile Look Better

A space between your teeth can make you less sure. Dental bridges fix this by filling the gap and looking just like your other teeth. They’re custom-made to match your teeth’s color, shape, and size, so they blend right in. With a dental bridge, you can feel good about your smile again and not worry about any gaps.

Dental bridges are a great choice for tooth replacement.They help you eat and talk better, keep your mouth healthy, and make your smile look nice. 

If you’re in Yellowknife and thinking about getting dental bridges, talk to a dentist near you to see what options are best for you.

Visit us today!

Our dentist in Yellowknife knows that dental bridges are good for fixing missing teeth, but they can have some problems too. However, we  have different kinds of dental bridges to choose from, so we can find the best one for you. 

We have traditional bridges that put crowns on the teeth next to the gap and a fake tooth in the middle. We also have cantilever bridges for when there’s only one tooth next to the gap. 

Another option we offer is Maryland bonded bridges, which are made from different materials and have a frame to support them.

Even though there might be issues, like having to prepare nearby teeth, the friendly team at Somba Ké Family Dental will give you all the information you need to pick the right bridge for you, making sure you get the best care possible for your teeth.

Remember, finding a good dentist in Yellowknife who can do dental bridges near you is the first step to getting back your healthy smile. 

Don’t let a missing tooth stop you, think about getting a dental bridge and start smiling confidently again today!