Are Same Day Crowns Better Than Traditional Crowns?

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are same day crowns better than traditional crowns

Dentists have used dental crowns for years to correct dental problems such as tooth decay or broken teeth. As dentistry has advanced, there are now options to get dental crowns in one day. Patients who need dental crowns now have the choice between traditional dental crowns and same-day CEREC dental crowns. At Somba Ké Family Dental, we offer dental crowns out of our dental clinic in Yellowknife. If you are considering this treatment, you should know the difference between these two kinds of crowns.

Same-Day vs. Traditional Crowns

Dental crowns are restorative caps placed over weakened or damaged teeth to restore them to their original function and appearance. To determine if you should opt for traditional or same-day dental crowns near you, you should consider the pros and cons of each:

Same-Day Dental Crowns

o    No extra time is needed off work or other duties to complete the procedure

o    No need for temporary crowns to be fitted while you wait for a dental crown to be manufactured at the dental lab

o   Adjustments can be made on the spot since the patient is present during the creation and molding of the crown

Traditional Dental Crowns

o   Since these are manufactured in a dental lab, they tend to be stronger and made from more durable material

o   More aesthetically pleasing because the crown is hand-crafted to look exactly like your natural tooth

When choosing whether to get traditional or same-day crowns in Yellowknife, it is important to consider your preferences and speak to your dentist about which option is best suited to your needs. While same-day dental crowns are preferable for many individuals, some patients are not suitable for the treatment due to a wide range of conditions.

The Procedure for Same-Day Crowns

Our dentist will prepare you for the procedure beforehand when you visit Somba Ké Family Dental for same-day dental crowns. It is not uncommon to have to get a root canal or removal of tooth decay at our dental clinic near you before getting your dental crown fitted.

If there is any need for more preparation, our dentist will do that first so that you can move on to the next step.

Our dentist will use high-quality technology to take three-dimensional images of your teeth so that they can get digital impressions. These impressions are much more comfortable compared to the putty used to create impressions for traditional crowns.

Once our dentist has enough images, they will upload the images to a computer and used a computer-aided design to create your same-day porcelain dental crown.

After the crown is created, it will be fitted onto your tooth, and you will be able to go home with your new restoration.

Visit Somba Ké Family Dental

Whether you are interested in traditional or same-day dental crowns, our team at Somba Ké Family Dental is happy to help. Same-day dental crowns offer many advantages, such as restoring functionality and removing the need for multiple visits to our dental office.

If you would like to know if you are a candidate for same-day dental crowns or if traditional dental crowns are best for you, please don’t hesitate to contact our clinic. Our team of dedicated dental professionals prioritizes your oral health above all else, and our dentist is happy to examine you and help you determine which form of dental crown is best suited to your needs. Please contact our clinic to book an appointment today!