How Laser Dentistry Is Used And How It Helps

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how laser dentistry is used and how it helps

Laser dentistry is a very common treatment used to correct a number of different oral health conditions. It offers accuracy and efficiency while providing an alternative and safe option to novocaine or drills. Plus, it will encourage you to book lesser appointments and spend less time with your dentist near you. Whether you need cavity treatment, gum surgery, or other oral care, laser dentistry could be your minimally invasive option. However, it is recommended that you discuss your laser surgery options with your dentist. 

But first, let’s learn what laser dentistry is and why it has become so popular in today’s dental offices. 

Describing Laser Dentistry

A dental laser is essentially an instrument that analyzes light in terms of wavelengths and emits a concentrated beam of energy through an apparatus. When this laser strikes tissue, it will also cause a reaction that will allow the tissue to be removed or shaped. Laser dentistry is most often used to treat tooth decay, biopsies, gum disease, or teeth whitening. 

What Conditions Can Be Treated With Laser Dentistry?

The following conditions are the most frequently treated with laser dentistry:

Gum Disease    

Most frequently, lasers are used to treat and get rid of bacteria from the gums. It is further beneficial to shape them and get the patient ready for root canal treatments. 

Tooth Decay

If your teeth are damaged or decayed, laser treatment can be used to hollow out the tooth and get rid of all the worn-off matter inside your tooth. This treatment is primarily used prior to cavity fillings, thus making the process as easy as possible. 

Tooth Yellowing

If you have to deal with yellow teeth and want to whiten them. You can reach out to laser dentistry near you, they can provide great help. Lasers are widely used during the teeth whitening process, and they also help you get the treatment done faster. Generally, they are used to activate the peroxide substance that is applied to your teeth. 

What are the Benefits of Laser Dentistry?

With the help of lasers, many dental issues are now easier to remedy and more painless than ever. There are many other benefits associated with laser dentistry, a few of which are:

Fast Healing Times

The fact that laser dentistry is much more comfortable and pain-free than conventional techniques is its greatest advantage. Patients who have laser dentistry procedures typically recover more quickly than patients who have traditional procedures. In fact, few patients didn’t feel any discomfort or pain after undergoing procedures using laser dentistry.  

Lower Infection Risk

Traditional dental tool methods used during operations may result in gum damage or infection. However, with lasers, you would not have to suffer through the infection. Instead, with lasers, the area will be sterilized, and it will also eliminate most of the bacteria in the area. As a result, the chances of infection will be reduced. 

Less Discomfort

Compared to traditional dentistry, laser dentistry typically causes less pain. It can occasionally completely replace the need for anaesthetic. 

When are Lasers Used in Dentistry?

Although laser dentistry has many benefits, traditional dental tools are still required. For example, lasers can not only terminate an existing filling but also it can not remove cavities or replace crowns. Most of the time, laser dentistry is used as a supplement to traditional dentistry. It helps to speed up the treatment and decrease some potential pain associated with dental treatment. 

Looking for Laser Dentistry in Yellowknife?

If you are looking for a more latest alternative to the traditional method, why not reach out to Somba Ke Family Dental? Our dentist in Yellowknife are experienced in laser dentistry. Thus, they will guide you through the process and help you maintain oral health. Reach out to us and schedule your appointment today!