What Should You Know About Teeth Whitening?

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what should you know about teeth whitening

A beautiful smile greatly depends on having healthy teeth. Everyone aspires to have a perfect grin. Many of us are completely ignorant of the facts surrounding teeth whitening. Similar to your sponge or skin, teeth have pores. Smoking, drinking coffee, dark fruit, and wine all have a strong staining effect. These stains seep into your tooth and cause their natural tone to become darker.

If you don’t get rid of the stains completely, they won’t go away. So how can you maintain white, healthy teeth? There are various ways to get teeth whitening in Yellowknife.

Here’s what you should know about teeth whitening treatments:

Whitening Your Teeth Does Not Damage Them

The idea that teeth whitening harms your teeth is false. This treatment is safe if done in accordance with the guidelines, especially with the help of a dentist near you. In order to lift the stains and temporarily open the pores in the teeth, the whitening process includes various active substances. Whitening can, for a time, aggravate sensitive teeth. Your dentist may prescribe an extremely safe product that is less damaging to the teeth than a high-focus product. Short-term pain can be reduced by using whitening toothpaste that lessens sensitivity.

Sensitivity is Typical

Sensitivity in the teeth is fairly common. Teeth sensitivity may be caused by thin enamel, the heredity of broken or fractured teeth, or both. It is typical for sensitivity to develop during the whitening process. The teeth end up being quickly dried out, which reduces their ability to shield the nerve from temperature variations. After 12-36 hours following teeth whitening near you, the sensitivity will vanish. The peroxide tooth whitening system is recommended for people with extremely sensitive teeth.

The Night Before is the Ideal Time to Whiten Your Teeth

Your teeth are more vulnerable to re-staining after having them whitened. Because the pores on the teeth are a little more open, stains can enter more readily. Keeping these things in mind, it is advised to whiten your teeth before bed because doing so reduces the likelihood of them becoming stained again and gives them the night to begin rehydrating and remineralizing.

It Takes Time for Stains to Disappear

Keep in mind that dental stains cannot be eliminated in a single day. Not a single product on the market today can whiten your teeth in a matter of hours. The teeth must gradually absorb the chemicals. The amount of staining determines how long the teeth-whitening operation will take. Those with numerous stains must persevere with the process and understand that each bleaching session removes significant amounts of stain. It is incredibly easy to maintain once the stains have been removed.

Not Everyone’s Teeth Can Be Whitened Right Away

During childbirth, a person’s teeth acquire their natural colour. The basic function of whitening products is to get rid of all stains that have built up over time. Teeth whitening has produced a great number of happy customers for more than ten years. Until you give teeth whitening a shot, you won’t really know how white your teeth can be.

Treatment for Teeth Whitening isn’t for Everyone

Many people are willing to undergo the teeth-whitening process. However, there are some people for whom teeth whitening is not advised, such as children and women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. Crowns, veneers, and dentures are examples of fake teeth that cannot be whitened with the same success.

Ready to Get the Smile You’ve Always Wanted?

Make sure to get in touch with a dentist who has the experience required to perform your treatment if you’ve determined that teeth whitening is right for you. At Somba Ké Family Dental, our dental professionals have the skills to assist you in achieving a stunning smile. For more information or to schedule an appointment at our clinic, call our dentist near you.